Feb 29, 2012

Add "Open with any application" to right Click Menu

1) Open regedit ( Start -> Run type regedit).
2) Select path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> * -> shel

3) Add key (for that right click on shell -> New ->key).

4) Rename key as "Open with Mspaint"
5) Add key in Open with Mspaint(Give name "command").

6) In right panel change default value = mspaint.exe%1

just right-click on any file and you’ll see the next menu entry is Open with mspaint.

 Same way you can change Open with Mspaint as any application like Notepad,MsWord etc....         
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Feb 25, 2012

Disable unwanted start up programs.

Trick -1 
1) Open regedit (Start -> Run then type regedit).
               > Windows > Current Virsion > Run >Start > Programs  
               > Startup Folder 
3) Then in right panel there is list of Start up programs. Delete(Right click -> Delete) the 
    programs which you don't want at start up.

4) Restart PC. 

 Trick - 2
1) Open msconfig(Start -> Reun -> Type msconfig).
2) Then Select Tab Startup

3) Click Check box which you want to disable Startup. 
4) Then Click Apply and Ok.
     Restart PC and Selected programs are Disable. 

 Trick - 3 
s1)Download CCleaner.
2) Open CCleaner.

3) Select Tools from left panel.
4) Select Startup.
5) Select the programs which you want to disable and Click Disable or Delete from right panel.
    Now, restart PC and your unwanted programs are disabled.  
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Feb 24, 2012

Hide the File or Folder in Windows.

Trick - 1
1) Open the notepad and write the Code.
2) Type your password instead of '  Password '.
3) Save file as xyz.bat.
4) Close the file.
5) Then double click on xyz.bat then it will create One folder .
7)  To view again, double click XYZ.bat again and enter your password...
 Trick - 2

1) Open cmd(Command prompt).
2) If you want to hide folder like (E: xyz) then type following steps...
3)  Type as below..
 4) To unhide again type below...
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Feb 21, 2012

Create a shortcut for Locking Computer Screen.

1) Right-click on the desktop where you would like to create the shortcut. 
2) Click on Shortcut from the menu.
3) Then type rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation.
4)  Click on the Next button.
5)  Type in a name for your shortcut.
6) Click on the Finish button..
 Now just Click  on icon whenever you want to lock you Screen... 
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Feb 19, 2012

Trick to hide the Drives.

1) Open regedit(Start > Run > regedit.)
           > WINDOWS > CurrentVersion > Policies >Explorer.
3) Then in Right panel Create one registry (Right click  select
           > New > DWord value).
4) Rename that as NoDrives.
5) Double click on that and set Decimal value ....
6) For hide drive letter A=1,B=2,C=4,D=8,E=16,F=32,G=64,

FOR ALL DRIVES=67108863 OR Octalvalue=ffffff.
Now,logoof and again login and your Drive is hide...
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Edit picture thumbnail size.

1) Open regedit(Start > Run >regedit).
2) Hkey_Current_user > Software > Microsoft >Windows >CurrentVersion > Explorer.
3) Right click on right panel -> Select New > DWord value...
4) Make two registry (i)ThumbnailSize (ii)ThumbnailQuality.
5) Then double click on both and edit value for ThumbnailSize 32-256.
     and ThumbnailQuality 50-100.
Now, check your Thumnail pictures....
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Can't format pendrive?

1) Right click on My computer > Open Manage.
2) Select Disk management.
3) Right click on disk label (like J: etc..)
4) Change Drive letter and paths.....
5)  Click on Remove.
6) Then format pen drive...
7) After that again Add Drive letter (J:)
    Now your pen drive is safe formatted..

If you still unable to format USB Drive ...
1) Open command prompt(Run->cmd).
2) Select drive letter for USB Drive(Here it is M:).

3) Type format X (X = USB Drive letter):
4) Press ENTER.
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Feb 18, 2012

Increase your internet surfing speed.

1) Open gpedit.msc(Start > Run > gpedit.msc)
2) Open Group Policy.
3) Select  { Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates
                   > Network > QoS packet Scheduler.}
4) Click Limit Reversible Bandwidth > Select Enable.
5) Then decrease Bandwidth limit (n%) to 0%.
6)  Press Apply and OK.
     Restart your PC.
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How to Speed Up xp.

1) Remove spyware and viruses from your hard drives...
     using free antivirus software...(regular scan your PC)
2) Clear History, Remove temporary Internet files.
     Empty the Recycle Bin.Remove Windows temporary files, such as error reports.
     (for that use free software like CCleaner and platinum guard)
3) Use disk cleanup (Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > disk cleanup)
4) Set low resolution wallpapers.
5)  Regularly  checking your disk by CHKDSK.
     (right click on My Computer > the Tools tab  click on Check Now button.)
     Then start the process for disk checking.
That are some way to speed up your XP.
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Feb 17, 2012

Open your locking folder without password.

1) Open regedit(Start->Run,Then type regedit ).
2) Then in left panel select (HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE > Softwsare > Everstrike > LF30).
3) Then delete password file in right panel.
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Feb 13, 2012

Task Manager is not working ?

If your task manager is not working......

1) Open Gpedit.msc from Start > Run .
2) Then in left panel top -> User Configuration / Administrative Tamplates / System / Ctrl+Alt+Delete option.
3) And in right panel click on Remove Task Manager.
4) Press OK on No Configured check box.

   Now restart PC and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete..and your task manager will work...
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