Jun 1, 2012

Kill(Terminate) or Stop Hanged Programs.

If your programs is hanged or do not work.....
1) Start task manager (ctrl+alt+delete).

2) Suppose you want to stop or terminate any programs...
3) Right click on running program, Select Go To Process.

4) Then right click and go to End process.

5) Now, you can terminate and Stop your hanged Programs or File....


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  3. Still days i am waiting after click "endtask".. thanks for this computer basic tips.

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  6. I've always wondered how to properly kill/terminate programs that have hanged or stopped working. Thanks for this much simpler solution, I've been looking for one for a long time now! Will this process be the same across all windows formats?? (for example windows 8?)

    1. Yes process is same for all windows...

  7. Well, I usually do that too whenever all programs hanged. Anyway, glad that you shared this too. I can use this as my resources. Keep posting!

  8. Really this is a very effective way to kill not responding application. many times the application hangs computer program then use this method.......thanks to share this tricks