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1) Open the folder which you want to hide.

2) Create a simple Document file (Right click - > Create Document file ->Empty File).
3) Rename the file as .hidden and save...

4) Open .hidden File then just Write your file or folder name which you want to hide.

5) Then save again and close the file.
6) Press ctrl+H to Hide that file or folder.

7) Again press ctrl+H to Show that hidden File or folder.

That is the easy way to hide File or Folder in Linux...


1) Just Rename the file or folder as prefix(first character) the name  '.'(dot)
    It means  Starting with '.' or postfix(last character) the name '~'.
    It means Ending with '~' and press the ctrl+H to hide.

2) Then again press ctrl+H to show the file.

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