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1) Open regedit ( Start -> Run type regedit).
2) Select path HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> * -> shel

3) Add key (for that right click on shell -> New ->key).

4) Rename key as "Open with Mspaint"
5) Add key in Open with Mspaint(Give name "command").

6) In right panel change default value = mspaint.exe%1

just right-click on any file and you’ll see the next menu entry is Open with mspaint.

 Same way you can change Open with Mspaint as any application like Notepad,MsWord etc....         


  1. Working Trick,Nice, But from where U Find This..
    >>See More At(Compter Funny Tricks ,Pranks, Bloger Gadgets..)


  2. It's Related to registry trick.....from Seminar about security and hacking...


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