Apr 5, 2011

Delete virus from your pen drive.

1) Disable autorun(autoplay).
2) start>Run.If your pendrive is in e:drive then type
    dir /w/a.
    If there is Autorun.inf,Ravmon.exe,svchost.exe etc...
3)Then open command prompt and type attrib -r -a -s -h *.*
    then del filename.
    for ex,if you want to delete autorun.inf then type del autorun.inf
    Now virus is remove from your pen drive....
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Lock your folder.

1) If your folder is in D drive{like D:/folder}.
    Then make one text file,for this open notepad & type
     ren folder folder. {21EC2020-3AEA-1 0 6 9 - A 2 D D - 08002B30309D}
     and then save it on D drive,name as lock.bat
2) Now,make other file on notepad
    ren folder. {21EC2020-3AEA-1 0 6 9 - A 2 D D - 08002B30309D} folder
    then save it as key.bat
3) Now,click on lock file and your folder will lock and again open your folder
     click key file to unlock your folder.....
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